Head of Pre - Production Service

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Main Duties and Responsibilities:   Administratively the Head of Pre-production Service is subordinate to the Director for Capital Construction, and functionally reports to the Deputy of Director for Capital Construction. The Head of Pre-production Service manages the Pre-production Service and performs the following functions: Organization of Pre-production Service and insurance of proper qualified staffing at any time; Participation in development of the Project Execution Plans and calendar schedules with regards to preparation of permitting documentation, design and construction of the temporary facilities for construction works; Planning and organization of obtaining required permitting documentation for capital construction, reconstruction and capital repair projects of the Company; Interaction with the Land Inventory Service on the issues of obtaining approvals for Land Acquisition as required for capital construction, reconstruction and overhaul projects, as well as location of the temporary construction facilities, storage premises and living camps for the period of works execution; Ensuring that Company's normative documentation on applicable legislation of Iraqi Kurdistan and the Republic of Iraq, related to methodologies and requirements of capital construction, repair and reconstruction of the Pipeline System facilities, is always up to date; Jointly with the Expert Review Section control over the schedules and completeness of the survey and design documentation issued by contractors; Jointly with the Cost Estimation team within the Expert Review Section – participation in the preparation of the register of contract price distribution among the Company Business Units engaged in construction, capital repair and reconstruction under relevant contracts; Preparation of logistics and security requirements for any construction, capital repair and reconstruction projects and development of arrangements for timely and high-quality acceptance of deliveries, security of received materials and equipment; Participation in revision and agreeing of the calendar schedules for services provision, method statements, work breakdown schedules, resource plans (personnel, equipment, materials) developed by contractors on the basis of the overall Project Execution Plan approved by the Company; Organization and conduct of meetings with pre-production engaged parties in order to determine progress status and preparation of supporting materials and calculations for taking management and corrective decisions by the Company’s Management; Organization of obtaining the documentation for the facilities startup; Organization of the work of acceptance commissions during handover/acceptance of the Company facilities completed by construction, repair or reconstruction; Preparation of proposals and control of implementation of the approved cost saving actions through the effective use of capital investments and rational organization of activities of the Company Business Units and contractors; Participation in the expert review of the Terms of Reference, design and manufacturer documentation, vendor proposals, internal normative documents of the Company within the assigned business area; Upon instructions from the Director for Capital Construction participation in inventory taking of unfinished construction facilities; Evaluation of performance of the subordinate employees; Interaction with the State and local authorities of the Kurdistan Region and the Republic of Iraq within the assigned competence; Interaction with the HR Management Division on the organization of training and qualification upgrade of the subordinate employees for continuous improvement of the production efficiency and safety; Interaction with the HR Department and Directorate Business Units to update the job descriptions, selection of candidates and nomination for new positions; Control over the compliance by the subordinate personnel to the Company's internal work regulations, requirements for industrial safety, labor protection, environment, data protection measures by the subordinate employees.   Requirements: Higher professional education (construction); Min. 6 years of relevant business experience, out of which at least 3 years of experience in managing construction, capital repair and reconstruction projects, preferably in petroleum companies; Experience in managing plans and budgets; Experience in interacting with the State regulatory bodies; Experience in contract and claim management is beneficial; Knowledge of the technical, logistical, regulatory requirements in preparation of capital construction and reconstruction projects, preferably in the context of pipelines; Strong practical knowledge of arranging and executing Early Construction Works; Knowledge of the principles of cost estimation for construction and assembly works and equipment; Strong organizational skills; ability to address multiple tasks in a fast paced, changing environment with strong analytical and time management skills; Strong focus towards regulatory compliance, HSE and Operational Excellence in the context of project management and implementation of investment and construction projects; Knowledge of commercial and legal aspects in relation to concluding contracts in relation to capital construction and reconstruction works; Experience in managing interfaces and handovers, including of management of liabilities& warranties and claim management; Proficiency in using standard office software such as MS Windows, MS Office and/or equivalent; Proficiency in using modern communication tools such as Internet, e-mail, mobile phone, telephone / video conferencing, instant messenger systems; Applied engineering, project management and construction management software (Project Manager, Primavera, AutoCAD, etc); Fluent in Kurdish, English and Russian is preferable.   Working Condition :   (5) Days per week & (8) hours per day (Starting from 8:30 am till 5:30 pm);   How to Apply : You can apply by either scrolling down or clicking on "Apply for this position" tab or by e-mailing your updated CV to ( jobs@erbilmanpower.com ) with the job code and title of the position in the subject line.