Head Of Availability Calculation Service

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Main Duties and Responsibilities:   The Head of the Availability Calculation Service manages the Availability Calculation Service and performs the following functions: Organization of the Availability Calculation Service and ensuring proper qualified staffing at any time; Organization of interaction with the Commodity Transport Section, Dispatch Section, Crude Quality Control Section, Operations Section, Operations Divisions, Legal Service, HSE Department and other Business Units of the |Company to ensure timely and comprehensive collection and analysis of the initial data (data on the actual technical condition of the Pipeline System, records of Excepted Events), required for calculation of the Pipeline Capacity and Availability; Organization and control of execution of the hydraulic calculations with the use of purpose-designed software in order to: Determine the oil Pipeline Capacity and perform re-calculations when required, Determine the monthly Availability taking into account the initial data on the actual technical condition of the Pipeline System, Determine the actual Availability level and degree of decrease in Availability in connection with the Excepted Event; Organization and obtaining all the required internal approvals for the calculated values of the Pipeline Capacity, Availability, Deemed Availability; Participation and control over the timely issue of the required supporting documents on the Availability level for further inclusion into the Monthly Invoice; Participation and control over the timely preparation of reports on: Calculated Pipeline Capacity, Calculated monthly Availability with consideration of the Deemed Availability, Calculation of the Actual level of Availability and degree of decrease in Availability in connection with the Excepted Event for preparation of the notice to the Government, Annual Availability Statement including the Availability Data showing the actual aggregate Availability and Deemed Availability level for the preceding Concession Year, Other reports within the assigned business area; Organization of the timely submission of the agreed Availability Data to the Planning and Economic Section to ensure calculation of the monthly fee; interaction with the Planning and Economic Section on any issues related to the monthly Availability; Interaction with various business units of the Company in order to establish occurrence of the Excepted events; Preparation and update of the Register of the occurred Excepted Events; Preparation and update of the Register of notices to the Government: Pipeline Capacity Notice, Notice on decreased Availability, Excepted Event Notice, Notice on Re-calculation of the Pipeline Capacity, Notice on changes to the Hydraulic Model, Other notices in compliance with the Concession Agreement and the Internal Normative Documents of the Company; Support to the Company Management and participation in resolution in cases of disputes with the Government authorities or business counterparts in relation to the determination of Availability, Deemed Availability of the pipeline system; participation in the inspections and investigations related to determination of the Pipeline System Availability; Preparation and submission to the management of reporting documents in compliance with the requirements of the Concession agreement and internal normative documents of the Company; Development of proposals on upgrade of the Pipeline System in order to increase the Availability and reduce technical risks, energy consumption and production losses; Participation in the development, update and control over compliance to the internal normative documents within the assigned competence as well as applicable legislation of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the Republic of Iraq related to calculations of the Pipeline Capacity and Pipeline Availability; Organization and holding the working meetings for determination of Availability in cases where management or corrective decisions are required from the Company management; Interaction with the State Bodies and local Self-Government Authorities in the Kurdistan Region and the Republic of Iraq within the assigned competence; Interaction with the Third Parties (crude oil suppliers) and representatives of the receiving party at the Iraqi-Turkish border within the assigned competence and provisions of internal normative documents; Interaction with the HR Management Division on the organization of training and qualification upgrade of the subordinate employees for continuous improvement of the production efficiency and safety; Interaction with the HR Department and Business Units of the Directorate for Operations and Maintenance to update the job descriptions, selection of candidates and nomination for new positions; Control over the compliance by the subordinate employees to the requirements of the internal labor regulations of the Company, Industrial Safety, Fire Safety, Occupational Health and Environment protection requirements, ensuring the data protection.   Requirements: Higher Technical Education, preferably in facilities and operation of oil trunk pipeline systems, engineering of the pipeline systems or similar; Minimum 7 years of professional experience in a relevant area of expertise; out of which at least 4 years in engineering, process calculations and hydraulic modeling the oil trunk pipeline companies; Experience in interacting with the State regulatory bodies; Knowledge of the international standards, norms and recommended practices in the area of operations, maintenance, diagnostics and repair of the systems and equipment of oil trunk pipelines and station facilities; Confident knowledge of the oil transportation technology; operations and maintenance of the trunk oil pipelines and process management systems and equipment; Strong practical knowledge of planning, management, quality control and works acceptance, preferably in the area of oil trunk pipeline transportation; Knowledge of the principles and procedure for performing the hydraulic simulations with the use of purpose-designed software; Strong focus towards regulatory compliance, HSE and Operational Excellence; Proficiency in using standard office software such as MS Windows, MS Office and/or equivalent; Proficiency in using modern communication tools such as Internet, e-mail, mobile phone, telephone / video conferencing, instant messenger systems; Applied pipeline system engineering and hydraulic modeling software; Fluent in Arabic, English and Kurdish.   Working Condition :   (5) Days per week & (8) hours per day (Starting from 8:30 am till 5:30 pm);   How to Apply :   You can apply by either scrolling down or clicking on "Apply for this position" tab or by e-mailing your   updated CV  to ( jobs@erbilmanpower.com   )   with the job code and title of the position in the subject line.