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Kurdistan Works is an information hub for job seekers and employers. The KRG encourages all companies and organizations, foreign and domestic, to make job vacancies transparent and publicly accessible.

Why advertise vacancies?

What are recruitment agencies and job posting sites?

Why develop an internship program?

Why advertise vacancies?

In the increasingly competitive economy in Kurdistan, finding the right talent is essential. As the job market in Kurdistan becomes more sophisticated, companies can benefit from more extensive searches for talent. Kurdistan Works serves as a portal, providing job seekers and employers with a place to meet. The KRG strongly encourages all domestic and international companies and organizations to fill positions with local citizens to the greatest extent possible. Kurdistan Works is a mechanism to support efforts by employers to identify qualified, local job seekers.

What are recruitment agencies and job posting sites?

Recruitment agencies provide several services for employers. If you wish to hire employees but would like an external entity to help write the job description, collect CVs, interview applicants, and provide you with a list of the best candidates, a recruitment company can assist you. These companies provide job-matching services, as well as a number of in-house training options for current or prospective employees. The vacancies listed on Kurdistan Works have been reposted from these recruitment companies and from select job sites. Below is a list of some, but not all, of the recruitment companies and job posting sites currently active in the Kurdistan Region (in alphabetical order). If you want your vacancies to appear on Kurdistan Works, you should contact one of the websites listed below and advertise your vacancies there. As soon as that site posts your job, it will immediately be re-listed on the Kurdistan Works site as well.

Erbil Manpower (EMP)

Erbil Top Jobs



Kodo Jobs


WHA Financial

Why develop an internship program?

Many companies and organizations all over the world use internships to develop young talent and provide useful, hands-on experience to students or recent graduates. This process helps to prepare young people for professional work, and it also provides free labor to employers. Often interns are compensated only for transportation and lunch, and they help members of an organization to complete a variety of administrative tasks that require time and effort. In many cases internships lead to permanent positions for qualified individuals; in other cases interns learn from their experiences as they move on to different opportunities. This is a practice that is common and successful in many parts of the world, and may prove helpful to both domestic and international companies operating in the Kurdistan Region.

For more information, see: Internships.

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