About Kurdistan Works

Kurdistan Works is an initiative of the Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister’s Office aimed at facilitating communication and information sharing among employers and job seekers. The private sector in the Kurdistan Region is growing rapidly, and both domestic and international companies are eager to find qualified personnel. At the same time, thousands of our citizens, from recent graduates to seasoned professionals, seek employment.

The Kurdistan Works portal is intended to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers, provide relevant information to both parties, and present options for training our youth. This effort is an element of the KRG policy to promote the private sector by providing a basic framework in which all parties can benefit. It is designed to complement but not replace the efforts of various KRG ministries and governorates in scaling up the private sector and informing our job seekers of employment and training opportunities that exist in the Kurdistan Region. Kurdistan Works does not directly collect CVs or assist individuals in finding jobs, but rather connects job seekers with sites and recruitment companies posting vacancies. It should be noted that only private sector positions are listed on this site.

If you are job seeker or a company / organization interested in advertising a vacancy, follow the corresponding links:

Information for Job Seekers

Companies: Post a Vacancy

Questions or comments can be sent to kw@krg.org.